Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are No Natz® products made?

No Natz® products are proudly made in the USA at our manufacturing facility in Warner Robins, Georgia.

Are the active ingredients all natural?

Yes, the active ingredients used in No Natz® are all natural essential oils.

What are the active ingredients of No Mosquitoz®? 

NoMosquitoz® Botanical Mosquito Repellent is a botanical mosquito spray made with a blend of natural essential oils. The three active ingredients of No Mosquitoz® are cedarwood oil, lemongrass oil and citronella oil.

Does No Natz® contain DEET?

No way! No Natz® is made with all natural active ingredients.

Is No Natz® safe for use around children and pets?

Yes, No Natz® is safe for use around kids and pets, when used as directed. 

How should No Natz® be stored?

No Natz® should be stored in a tightly closed, original container in a cool area, inaccessible to children and away from heat or ignition. 

What’s the difference between No Natz® and No Mosquitoz®?

No Natz® and No Mosquitoz® are formulated with different essential oil blends. Our No Mosquitoz® formula includes cedarwood oil for a pleasant, woodsy scent. Our No Natz® formula uses geranium and rosemary oils for a pleasant, fresh scent. Both products are effective against mosquitoes, gnats and biting flies.

What are the active ingredients of No Natz®?

NoNatz® Botanical Insect Repellent is botanical bug spray made with a blend of natural essential oils. The four active ingredients of No Natz® are citronella oil, lemongrass oil, rosemary oil and geranium oil.

Is No Natz® sticky or greasy?

No. No Natz® uses a non-greasy, non-sticky formula with olive and coconut oils. Shake thoroughly before use to better mix the ingredients together.

Can DEET really damage plastics and synthetics like my sunglasses?

Yes, DEET is a plasticizer and can damage certain rubber, plastic, vinyl, or elastic materials such as contact lenses, eyeglass frames and lenses, watch crystals, combs, painted and varnished surfaces, and certain synthetic or treated fabrics.

Can No Natz® and No Mosquitoz® be used with sunscreen?

Yes. No Natz® and No Mosquitoz® may be used over or under sunscreen.